The Bi-Weekly Rundown: Rest, Rhythms, and a trip to Waco.

Your Home is Your Garden:

It is the very first blog post of the year and to be honest I don’t even know where to start. As someone who has hurried her life away, I am enjoying easing my way into this year. I started this year full of panic because I knew my work life was going to change. I literally had a few melt downs because of looking too far ahead into the future. Unbeknowst to me, two co-workers quit within a month span of each other and all I could do was say Lord, “I need your help.”

In steps a conversation from someone who is like a little sister that spoke life to me. God used her to help me release so many things I had been holding onto. She gently told me, “Your home is your garden.” It was the reminder that our spaces (whether you live in a home or apartment it applies) are not just these things we show off on instagram, nor does it make it less meaningful if it’s not perfectly decorated. Wherever you find yourself in, your home and space is yours. It’s our garden. And many things are cultivated in the places that are unseen to the world. Our homes hold our tears, dreams, joy, laughter and pain. It holds the people we love. And when life weighs us down and it gets busy, we can create and cultivate spaces that provide rest and stillness.

Trip to Waco:

I took a few days off PTO to reflect and not think about work. And I had the best time getting things in order and cleaning, duh! Hehe. My house last week was a mirror of how I was feeling – all over the place. I also took time to drive to Waco for some self-care and it was the best thing EVER. My first time going to the Silos was in 2019 for the Silo District Marathon. Due to there being so many people, I didn’t really get a chance to peruse. Spending a couple of hours there this week reminded me of the beauty of what God can do with our dreams. The little shop on Bosque is where it all began. This was Joanna Gaines first shop, that she eventually had to close. But that wasn’t the end, because God had more in store. From the Old Church, Magnola Market, Magnolia Home, The Silos Bakery, and new boutique shops that full the Silos. If you go I highly recommend checking out ‘Vie Bien Aimee’ shop which is french for “A Life well loved.” I made a few purchases there and its full of bath + body items. It also smells amazing!

I know many of us lead productive and full lives and I pray as a whole, we continually make time out for rest. It’s taken me longer than I would have liked to embrace rejuvenation and relaxation. Out of rest we come alive. So what are you cultivating?

Current Loves:

You already know, I thoroughly enjoy letting you know things I am loving. And I have to share some of the items I purchased from Magnolia Market/Home that have me swooning. I highly recommend these!

  1. Linen Room Spray – I spray this overnight and woke up to my space smelling like love. I’ve tried different sprays and nothing compares to this. I am smitten!

Image Credit:

2. Linen Candle – Guys….GUYS…GUYS!! I am in a place of adopting a minimal-ish mindset. And I have waaay too many candles. I want to make quality purchases and not quantity purchases. Less is more. When I say this candle smells amazing, I am not kidding. I even love how clean the print is on the outside of the candle. I highly recommend and that is a understatement.

Image Credit:

3. Homebody Loungewear – The comfiest set and its so soft. It is great to wear for lounging at home! The only thing I say is a downside is all the fuzzies that come from the inside of the set. Other than that, I think it’s a solid piece to get.

“I always thought that the “thriving” would come when everything was perfect, and what I learned is that it’s actually down in the mess that things get good.” – Joanna Gaines

In the mess yall – things get good. In the mess of what Joanna was going through, God opened the door to bigger dreams. In the midst of our schedules and full lives, God is working. I needed this reminder and I pray this blesses you too!

Resources for the Journey: Leaving you all with some empowering podcasts below. I hope you all have a lovely week!

  1. Shira Gill on Organizing Your Home –

  2. Navigating Church, Change & Culture with Nona Jones –

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  1. Girl you got me putting Magnolia back on my list! Those items look great and I’m so glad you took some time out for you to enjoy life and take it all in!!