Redefining Beauty: Things to Remember When You Are Struggling With Body Image

…a culture that has gotten so used to an IMAGE of what a healthy woman’s body looks like that is completely NOT real for a lot of women.
— Camila Cabello

At a young age, I was aware of my body and how I wasn’t naturally slim and it was hard NOT to compare. I was a chunky little girl who absolutely loved going to dance class. And then that thing happened? What you might ask? Well, a girl called me fat and I immediately told my mom I wasn’t dancing anymore. The young girl who was on a high after her first recital turned into the girl who would allow “words” to defeat her. From that day on I learned how powerful words can be. It also planted a seed that I constantly have to fight on my journey which is not to allow someone’s words to stop me from doing what I love. 

A subjective picture of one’s own physical appearance established both by self-observation and by noting the reactions of others
— Merriam Webster Dictionary

The struggles that I’ve had with my body are not rare, it’s actually very common. Get women around the table and you will find so many stories of negative self-image. Due to the trauma of the pandemic, many women have found themselves unhappy with their bodies. I’ve had several conversations with my friends and the sentiments are the same. I believe that you can have the desire to change your body WHILE embracing it for what it is. Without having a healthy mindset, we may reach our goals in an unhealthy way. Trust me when I say I’ve TRIED it ALL!

This is 6 years apart and me in the pink was actually very unhealthy. I wasn’t eating much and lost tons of weight.

This is 6 years apart and me in the pink was actually very unhealthy. I wasn’t eating much and lost tons of weight.

There are so many messages telling us what the “standard” body type is. It is important to remind ourselves although there is nothing wrong with working on our external, the most beautiful parts come from within. I would tell that young 7th grader to embrace her body even if it looks different. I would tell that young girl to be proud of her chubby body because the world has changed and is more accepting of curves. Most importantly, I would tell that young girl that her character, spirit, and identity in Christ is the most important.

To the beautiful woman reading, I hope you know that your body type is IDEAL because it is your body. Whether you are tall, shorter, slim, curvy anything in between, your body is GOOD. You are a MASTERPIECE.

How To Develop A Positive Self-Image

  • Celebrate your body – Make a list of things you love and appreciate about your body

  • It is okay if you want to make a change (i.e lose weight/eat better)

  • Surround yourself with women who have a healthy perspective that can hold you accountable

  • Embrace the now – Your body may not be where it was in your 20s and that is okay too

Please share in the comments, what do you love about YOU? 🙂

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  1. I will start:

    I feel the MOST beautiful when I have on a light tee, my Athleta Joggers, no make up, candles lit and chillin on the couch. In the same breath, I also love being able to get dressed up. I am so obsessed with jeans, so it’s normally my go to. Also a red lip – oh can’t forget liner and mascara!

    I spent way too many years not loving my body, but NOW I absolutely do. It’s not perfect, but it’s mine. I have also embraced my thang thanging (LOL). It is what it is.

    I love knowing that being a masterpiece isn’t about perfection or without flaws. This has given me SO MUCH PEACE!

  2. I love this post! I love that it highlights how words can affect us (if we allow them to do so). I’m reminded of the saying “sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me.” I think this saying is misleading. Words can hurt and even alter how we see ourselves but as Des shared with us we can decide that someone’s words will not stop us from doing what we love or loving ourselves! I hope every reader of this post truly embraces and believes that the most beautiful parts stem from within because IT IS TRUE!

    You know it is said that we are our own worst critic and in most cases I believe it to be true. I used to hate my big forehead, buck teeth, blemished face and wrinkly hands. And I still battle with those insecurities from time to time but I have to remind myself that even in my imperfection, I’M BEAUTIFUL!

    I feel most beautiful when I wear confidence (and a light beat 😉). Whether I’m in sweats or a cocktail dress, confidence makes all the difference. I move different and speak different when I put on my confidence (which is easier said than done but I strive to wear it as often as possible).

    I hope we ALL see ourselves as a Masterpiece whose most beautiful parts stem from within. ❤️

    -Sincerely RW

  3. What makes you feel the most beautiful? Do more of that.
    I feel most beautiful after I’ve washed my face, clean, no makeup… just me.

    Do you struggle with body image?
    I’ve always had things I wanted to work on while working out, abdominal area, peachy bum, but it wasn’t until I gained a lot of wait during quarantine that I struggled (and still continue to struggle) with my body image. I didn’t feel like myself. I kept asking, “Who’s that in the mirror?” And “how’d I get here in such a short period of time?”

    Take time to assess your features. How can you celebrate how He made you, today?
    Re- reading Eph 2:10 is a reminder to always celebrate ourselves; our bodies… no matter what state it’s in. It’s a reminder to see myself the way He sees me and to give myself grace. I also celebrate my perfectly imperfect body with gratitude. Especially during covid, there’s a lot who didn’t make it and I’m grateful that I did and can still MOVE my body.

    Do a scripture study on Ephesians 2:10. What is a masterpiece? Define it in a biblical and standard dictionary.
    A masterpiece in this this scripture’s context is how God made us- His handiwork, in His image. Perfectly Imperfect.