Often you hear about haters and jealousy on social media and how we need to steer clear from them. What if the hater and jealous person is you? It’s harder to admit you have been jealous or are currently battling those ugly thoughts. It’s easier to point fingers. A few years ago, I was ashamed at what jealousy was doing in my heart. Ashamed of the feelings I felt towards someone that was a close friend of mine. What did I do? I told her. I let her know specifically why I was jealous and you know what she did? She didn’t cut me off, she told me she was also jealous of me and we laughed. Boy, did we laugh. Then we talked about it and we talked through it. Guess what? We are still friends today. 

When those ugly feelings creep up, instead of dismissing them, allow yourself to feel it. Assess what is behind it and share those feelings with a trusted friend as the Lord leads you. You’ll find out that those jealous feelings are less about the other person and more about what is going on in your heart. Healing that needs to take place in your heart.

There is power in bringing those feelings into the light. Allow Him to heal you there.

Questions to Consider | Actions To Take

Please note: Don’t allow shame to stop you from getting honest. Also, your jealousy is NOT the responsibility of the other party. While it’s good to share your heart with wisdom, dumping it on them to own is not the solution here. Let’s allow God to heal that space – He has you boo!

  • Have you ever been jealous? Be honest.

  • What do you normally do when ugly feelings rise up?

  • Have you shared this with trusted community?

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