Women’s History Month: Kelly Rowland

March is Women’s History Month and it is dedicated to honoring women’s contributions to American History. I decided to honor this month with a twist by identifying a variety of women that I am inspired by. Each week, I will break done their story, pain point and what they had to overcome. My hope is that it will connect with you and REMIND you how we all have a story of overcoming and triumph. May the stories of every woman empower YOU to walk in your God-given design.

Y’all know I’ve been a HUGE fan of Destiny’s Child since the 90’s. I will always remember watching the No No No video on Flava TV with Skip Cheatham. If you’re from Dallas, you know EXACTLY what I am talking about. I’ve loved seeing Kelly Rowland flourish and she has greatly contributed to music in our generation. Let’s get into MORE of who she is.

Kelly ‘Kelendra Trene’ Rowland was born in Atlanta, Georgia on February 11, 1983. Her early childlife was leaving Atlanta to Houston with her Mom due to her Dad being an alcoholic. Kelly joined Destiny’s Child (originally called Girl’s Tyme) in 1992. Destiny’s Child went on the be one of the best selling groups of ALL time. They have sold over 60 million records world wide.

The group split in 2005 and went on their own individual paths and journeys. Kelly has sold 40 million records world-wide, but it hasn’t come without defeat and processing her past. Kelly talks about how not having a father growing up impacted her dating life and her relationships with men. She unfortunately has experienced abuse in a previous relationship and understand what so many women struggle with, which is comparison.

On a personal level, seeing Kelly step outside of Beyonce’s shadow and OWN her lane has been such a sight to see. During the quarantine period, her page always left me laughing and refreshed. You can tell she is loving the lane she is in and has done tons of deep work. Her latest EP, titled K, has been on replay for me. If you haven’t listened to it yet, then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Kelly has so much wisdom and any chance I get to listen to a podcast or interview from her is my favorite thing to do. I am so glad I get to honor someone who I’ve admired over the past 20 years. Below, I am going to share a list of podcasts on Kelly talking about love, family, life and faith that have been a blessing to my soul.

Podcasts + Interviews

Interview with Kirk Franklin + Kelly Rowland (Y’all this is such a GOOD one. She dropped so many gems)

Interview with Erwin McManus + Kelly Rowland (Loved hearing about her thoughts on giving and her church home)

Interview with Kelly Rowland at BeautyCon (Struggling with owning your lane, vision and goals? Then this one is for YOU)

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