The Weekly Rundown.

This a weekly rundown of things I am learning and resources I am loving. Take what you need and pass this along to a friend or TEN. HA. I am so glad you are here.

Happy Friday! Can we get a little honest here? So, how is it already May? Next thing it will officially be the summer and then BAM my birthday. I am trying my hardest to embrace each day and not look so far ahead. I think I am doing a better job, how about you? Something that my company says often is, “Be Here Now.” I think this is something we should implement every day, huh?

Those who know me KNOW I absolutely love sharing my resources to hopefully help YOU on your journey. You ready? Let’s get into it.


I will be going into my 2nd year of managing an intern in our program designed for college students. I have such a love for college students and I am amped to open any doors as God allows. I also got nominated and accepted into an emerging leadership program for my company and I feel so honored. It is a 19 week accelerator and is going to take tons of work on my end, which is needed. My career has been a journey and my motto is that you BUILD as you climb. Anyway, this is ALL happening in June, so I am mentally prepping for a busier month.


There are certain areas that I am lacking discipline in. While I don’t believe in perfection, I do believe in KEEPING IT REAL with yourself. Okay? And this scripture hit home for me – No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it (Hebrews 12:11). What about you? How is discipline looking your way?


I realized I needed to up my skincare routine game, beyond the prescription I get from the dermatologist. What I am learning about myself is that I truly learn when I engage in what I am doing. The WHY is important for me. If not, I won’t follow through. I’ve been geeking out on this instagram that you MUST follow. Check out the science behind skincare ingredients here.



This week I listened to three podcasts that have touched me and wanted to share one with you! #TheLoveHour podcast by Kevin and Melissa Fredericks is becoming a favorite. The latest podcast on the show titled, “The Importance of Mental Health” with Michelle Williams is a MUST listen. I absolutely loved how honest Michelle was. She gave incredible feedback and her transparency is admirable. You will love the insight Kevin and Melissa gave as well.

Podcast links if you can’t watch: Spotify Apple


The relationship between home and wellbeing is a thing. I’ve observed it from this past year, which led me to read articles about how there is a tie between home and our mental health. I even think about research I’ve done in school and how our environment impacts our health. I’ll share a blog post later on this. Also, home is what you make it. It doesn’t have to be a standard home, a new home or anything like that. It could be your apartment, rental, etc.

I declare and pray in my space, so wanted to share this with you all as I close out!

Declarations .JPG


  1. My body is beautiful in all its sizes

  2. I am loved by God

  3. I can show up FLAWED and messy

  4. I am worthy of rest

Glad to share a piece of my heart with you all today. I hope something I’ve shared will inspire you or be a resource. Take what you need and pass it along! I hope you go into this weekend knowing how beautiful and worthy you are. Your worthiness isn’t tied to what you produce, so create space for Sabbath this weekend. We’re not machines, remember that. See ya next week!

Let’s capture DESTINY together,


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  1. Many gems in this post Destiny. My personal favorites that are needed for my current season (1) Be Here Now and (2) Hebrews 12:11. I echo Kenya, thank you for sharing your heart and resources. 💜

  2. Absolutely love this sis!! I’m struggling with discipline too in this season. That scripture was much needed. Glad to be in this blogging journey with you!