3×5: The Beauty Of You

“Beauty cannot be imprisoned in the lens of a camera.” -Faraaz Kazi

I love taking photos of sunsets. It represents peace and serenity for me.

My phone is overloaded with “Golden Hour” attempts. Every time I look down at what I captured, I realize my phone doesn’t do it justice. After several failed attempts, I realize that my camera phone could never fully capture its beauty. John Mayer alludes to this on one of my favorite songs on his Room For Squares album titled, 3×5. Here he talks about attempting to catch up with his significant other about the places he has been. And the beauty he saw. However, he wasn’t able to. His camera wasn’t able to fully capture the essence of what he was seeing. He describes it as, “you just had to be there” moment.

“Today I finally overcame
Trying to fit the world inside a picture frame.”

In this digital age (that I do love), it is easy to get caught up in trying to capture everything in a 1080 x 1080. It’s easy to assume the best parts can be captured in a photo. I am here to tell you, it’s not true. The camera could never do it justice capturing the full beauty of you. The beauty of your existence, your presence, your personality, and your gifts. The beauty of how God made you.

The next time you get caught up in posting that perfect photo or moment, I hope you always remember some of the most beautiful things can only be captured with our eyes. What are your favorite things or moments that you’ve captured OFF camera? Chime in the comments!

You are so loved.


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