“Purpose where you are” : 5 questions to guide your week.

“Making the most of each moment and ridding ourselves of the toxic habit of constantly looking forward to the next thing. Be where your feet are.”-Scott M. O’Neil

Morning walks…

Oh, purpose. More often than not it seems like this elusive concept. Always grasping for “the thing” and never within reach. Can I share something with you? Purpose is where you are. This doesn’t mean don’t dream bigger or pursue that vision in your mind. It means that if we don’t embrace the now, the next will never be enough.

Right now, right where you are you can live out your gifts, even if the environment isn’t ideal. That you can make space for what God is doing now, instead of always rushing or romanticizing what is next. Here are a few guiding questions to hold onto this week on cultivating purpose where YOU are.

  1. What is something you can do in the morning to help you slow down?

    • For me, scripture, morning coffee, walks, or pausing before I get out of bed is helpful for me

  2. When it comes to how God wired you, what can you celebrate?

    • Ex: I celebrate God giving me the gift of connection. I love connecting with people and complimenting things I see in them

  3. When it comes to how God wired you, how can you implement that at work? With family/friends?

    • Ex: Since I am a connector, I try to be intentional with making authentic connections. This could be from connecting friends, ideas, etc

  4. What is one thing that you can identify this week that ties into your larger/future purpose?

    • Ex: I know speaking is a part of my purpose, and leading calls and presentations are things I can identify at work, that ties into my “future” vision

  5. Who do you need to embrace this week? Who might need a little more of your time and attention? Give it to them. Remember, do for one what you wish to do for many.

    • Ex: It could be sending a sweet gift or message to a friend/spouse etc

All of these questions are wrapped around things that we can do NOW. Yes, we can be excited about the future while holding space for the now. Good things are not just for later, so let’s embrace the beauty around us!



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  1. I’m taking time to pause and really think about these questions, especially the 5th one. Thank you for sharing.