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Who Do YOU Want To Be?

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”


Who do I want to be? That sounds like a loaded question, right? What if WHO you desire to be feels miles away from where you are? If anyone understands this, I do. I also know the power of writing things out and what it does to our minds. I know what it means to write out a goal and look back and see how God moved. 2023 was challenging but I pray that 2024 tops this past year. I found myself (AGAIN) last year. I made TONS of mistakes last year. My eyes were opened again a few weeks ago to my mission.

My desire has never been about growth that is centered on myself, but growth that is about US. Growth that is community-based. I get the greatest joy from giving away what I know. And I know that this year it will be heightened. I created a workbook that I pray will be instrumental to your journey ahead. I pray that a year from now you can look back and see that the time you took out to PRAY, PLAN, AND PREPARE changed the game. Don’t let anyone shame you for wanting to elevate and level up. This very well could be YOUR year. It can be YOUR year even if you make mistakes. It can be YOUR year even when you’ve lost your way.

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1. I DECLARE that I will walk in a peace that transcends all understanding.

2. I DECLARE that no weapon formed against me, my family, and my friends will prosper.

3. I DECLARE that my friendships and community will thrive in a new way this year.

4. I DECLARE that I will be disciplined, committed, and focused on my goals.

5. I DECLARE that fear will not stop me from pursuing my goals and dreams.

6. I DECLARE that I will be open to embracing beautiful things.

7. I DECLARE that I will keep God as the center of all of my goals and pursuits.

8. I DECLARE that God will provide all of my needs this year.

9. I DECLARE that I will not allow impatience to rush me ahead of God’s timing.

10. I DECLARE that I will have a clarity of vision this year

Let’s make this an amazing year, yall!

All my love,



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