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These are my Reflections: 2023 Year in Review

It’s 2024 y’all and thank you JESUS for keeping me, for keeping us. 2023 wasn’t easy by any means but gratitude helps us to see all the blessings even in the mess. I am going to use my workbook as a outline to share my 2023 year in review.

questions & answers
  • Q: How do you feel about the year 2023 in retrospect?
    A: Despite the challenges, I am grateful for the blessings and growth that came my way.
  • Q: How has your ability to advocate for yourself evolved over the year?
    A: I’ve learned to prioritize my well-being and say no when necessary, which has been empowering.
  • Q: In what ways have you changed your approach to showing love to others?
    A: I’ve shifted from sacrificing my well-being to setting boundaries, realizing that it’s essential for my own growth.
  • Q: What is your overall sentiment about the changes and growth you’ve experienced?
    A: It makes me feel like a whole grown woman, embracing the maturity and wisdom gained through these experiences.

What went well?

I am absolutely thriving in this journey of self-advocacy. 2023 was a revelation for me. In the past, I used to believe that demonstrating love meant sacrificing everything, even when it was detrimental to my own well-being. Can you believe that? Talk about a response rooted in trauma. Yes, I do believe we will sacrifice for those we love. But when it means mentally drowning that is another story. But this year, I have unapologetically said no countless times. I’ve had to prioritize my schedule and my own well-being, even if it meant missing out on certain things. And you know what? It makes me feel like a fully empowered woman.

Who or what made you smile?

Honestly, watching my nephews and niece grow brings me so much joy. They’re all unique, special and super creative in their own ways. Being an auntie is a whole new kind of love for me. I’m just so grateful that I get to pray for them and show them love. It’s such an honor.

Where did you see God move?

I witnessed a significant event when a door unexpectedly opened for me with my MBA program. I was completely taken by surprise. As someone who is a DOER, I’ve noticed that God often opens doors that I had no role in. I share this not to boast, but as a reminder of the extraordinary things that can happen. I’ve been fortunate enough not to have to pay for any of my degrees, and it brings me to my knees constantly. My goal is to constantly pass on the generosity I’ve received.

What was something fun and unexpected that happened?

I’m so glad I got the chance to go to St. Martin/Saint Marteen this summer to celebrate my best friend’s birthday. It was truly an amazing experience for me. Embracing the local culture and conquering my fear of heights brought a big smile to my face. The fact that I actually went zip-lining on one of the steepest lines in the world still amazes me. This trip has ignited a strong desire in me to explore more of this beautiful world, and I’m really looking forward to my upcoming trip to Europe later this year! Also, I am now a big fan of pepper sauce!! Get into it.

What did you embrace about yourself this year?

I don’t have to be perfect to be used. This year has been MESSY. I’ve been a mess. But I think it’s opened the door to me being more authentic. Less about images and holding up airs. More about genuinely connecting. This has opened the door for deeper connections with family and friends. I’m also not a project that doesn’t always have to be working on something internal. I definitely lived more this year in this headspace.

It’s truly liberating to embrace imperfection and to acknowledge the messy parts of our lives. In today’s world, there’s often an overwhelming pressure to portray perfection, whether it’s on social media or in our personal lives. However, by being open about our struggles and embracing our vulnerabilities, we create authentic connections with those around us. This authenticity fosters deeper, more meaningful relationships with our loved ones, as they can connect with the real and unfiltered version of ourselves. Embracing imperfection allows us to break down barriers and truly connect with others on a genuine level.

What am I most excited about in 2024?

I’m excited about the promise of the new year, filled with anticipation for the extraordinary ways in which I believe God will work. His gentle reminders that challenging times are essential for personal growth continue to resonate with me, and as 2023 set the stage, I find myself looking forward to what my ‘PIVOT year’ has in store. I can’t wait to see how God will guide me through this pivotal year, and I am open to embracing the journey with faith and optimism.

Thank you all so much for reading and being ON the journey. Take time to reflect and I have the perfect guidebook to help you get started. Check it out here.

All my LOVE,


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