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He Noticed Me At Terminal E

“I was drawn to your femininity.” -A beautiful and FINE British Black MAN

In our world it’s easy to try hard to be noticed. It’s in the seams of our culture. At the expense of our integrity or authenticity. But what if there is another way? What if it’s the God-factor that sets us apart. That our mere essence and presence is what makes us stand out. The gems of life continue to remind me of this.

For my job and school, I’m in and out of the airport. There is this city snuggled in the heart of the United States that has captivated my heart. The East African population there is huge and on any given Monday, you will find an Uber driver sharing their stories of home and best local restaurants filled with their cuisine.

As I was making my way home at the departing airport, I found myself a bit irritated by the TSA line. And out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a gentlemen looking my way. It took all the strength I could muster to not give him the RBF face silently saying, “Bro, what are you looking at?” Instead, I gave him a half smile and kept it moving. As I was moving through the line, I continued to notice a coy stare. Not creepy, but endearing. Like an art connoisseur mesmerized by a painting. Ya girl was blushing at this point.

Once I got past the check to grab my items, “Mr. Our Eyes Were Having Conversations”, circled back and approached. His first words, “Have we met before?” Imagine time stopping and me turning slowly and my hair fluttering in the wind like Beyonce’. Okay, that didn’t happen. But the minute I heard his British accent the RBF turned into a girlie smile.

His accent? SUPERIOR.

While he already knew the answer, it was cute. He was half Jamaican so we connected over a brief conversation about pepper sauce. As we exchanged pleasantries, his comment to me was that he “drawn to my smile and femininity.” HUH? It was beautiful. Mind you, I was suited and booted up in my SWEATS and sneakers. True beauty always shines through, eh?


A few weeks ago, I was having conversations with my friends and we talked about body image and wanting to get to a certain size and being committed to our health. I think it’s easy to assume that we are only noticed when things change. When we are super snatched. When we get the new job and all the shiny. But these recent experiences reminded me that our essence (His presence) is beyond all the things we can brag about. It’s beyond titles. Don’t let the world and algorithms make you think you have to dance to the tune of the world. God is so big and vast that He puts things in place or brings things to you when you least expect it. Ya know, while you are in sweats, irritated and ready to be home.

Needless to say…TO BE continued.


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