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Even Here.

When you sit and reflect, what comes to mind? Do you dwell on your missteps or obsess over your flaws?

Yeah, I do too.

My mom constantly reminds me to stay present, to live in the moment. I’ve improved, but I’m still learning. Often, I catch myself rushing through life—devouring books, soaking in every bit of knowledge—to prepare for what’s next. I strive to conquer things, whatever that might entail.

But in this rush, where is the space for God? For Him to astonish us and work beyond our efforts? While I understand this, I still struggle with the need to control. I grasp at everything within reach—to grow, to improve. This isn’t inherently bad. Yet, God can work wonders even here.

Even here in pain—God can move.

Even here in confusion—God can bring clarity.

Even here in sadness—God can usher in peace.

Even here in irritation—God can provide comfort.

Even here in abundance—God can do more.

It’s easy to limit God, to think He can only intervene when we have it all together, or to assume there’s a ceiling to His abundance, beauty, and grace. We often desire neat, packaged stories to share with others. But whose glory are we seeking—ours, or solely His? By grace alone.

Whenever I feel unbalanced, God meets me. That’s His consistent response. He doesn’t just meet me; He envelops me in His peace. If you feel out of control, you’re actually in the perfect place for God to demonstrate His sovereignty.

I pray that these words resonate exactly where they’re needed most for anyone who reads them.



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