Weekly Rundown: Embracing Delight

Happy Friday, beautiful people! How goes it?

This week I challenged you all to take time and pause – what lies are you believing? Why is this important? Well, division begins within. How we truly feel (negatively) can impact our personal health and it can bleed onto innocent people. Did you take the time to think through it? What came to mind? I also got still and the lie that came to my heart was about unworthiness. How this plays out in my relationships is that it will either cause me to distance myself, be overly accommodating or help beyond my capacity. The truth that I am constantly reminded of is from Psalm 139:14. That I am wonderfully made simply because I am. The things that I do not determine what is true.

How about you? Share what lies came to mind!


Weekly Inspiration: Embracing Delight

Definition: a high degree of gratification or pleasure: JOY; to take great pleasure.

During a morning coffee pause this past weekend, I picked up the latest copy of Magnolia Journal, and Joanna’s words had me a little choked up. She talked about finding delight in the everyday. Here are her words:

“Once I recognized the everyday is a place where delight reigns, I couldn’t reach fast enough for this theme. Because the idea that delight can be found anywhere, at literally any moment, is one I want to cling to. It’s a reminder that while the big events are wonderful, they aren’t prerequisites for finding ourselves charmed with the quieter joys of life. We can construct moments of delight, but delight can show up unannounced just the same….As we look toward the coming year, I think it’s more important than ever to find where each of us can turn for delight and claim it. Carve out that time and be intentional about making it what you want and need it to be. A reminder that delight can be spontaneous, and other times it might come just where you least expect it, from someone or something that leads you to the best parts of who you are. But more than anything, it’s a reminder that delight is always there and always ours for the taking.” -Joanna Gaines

I am not sure why, but when I read this last weekend it moved me to tears. It was nostalgic. It was a beautiful reminder of all the quiet joys of life that I delight in. More than the external things, but the things that God gives us that are priceless. The conversation over coffee with your closest friends. Or the conversation that turns into 4 hours. Belly laughs. New music. Or the joy that you feel when all the internal work has finally paid off. The sweet hugs and sheer delight from children. The good news that you never saw coming. Case in point? Delight is all around us. Will you allow yourself to embrace it?

A delight for me this week has been in new music, new recipes to try, consistent workouts, sincere conversations, and morning chats with God. Delight has been in decorating my home and cleaning. I’ve found delight in pulling out my camera and brushing up on my skills, and so much more. As we enter into the holidays, which can be a time where we compare or get sucked into what everyone else is doing, it’s good to have a game plan. And it can be as simple as making time to embrace, find and see the delight all around us. Having a posture of gratitude for what God is doing for YOU. In you. Through you.

Because I love giving away things I LOVE, how about a mini-giveaway. I would love for you to chime in the comments at the end. Where are you finding delight? Let me know! The winner will win the latest copy of the Magnolia Journal. Photo below.

Things I am loving: All Things Adele

If everyone’s making music for the TikTok, who’s making the music for my generation? Who’s making the music for my peers? I will do that job gladly” – Adele.

I love interviews and learning about artists’ creative processes. I love understanding their state of mind behind a new project and let’s just say Adele’s latest album ‘30’ is giving…everything! Something that she stated in her interview with Zane Lowe (you can find it here), was how the sincerity of how we create is missing. That everything seems to be so transactional, which is so true. This reminded me of our purpose. And how it’s so easy to get caught up with how our purpose is seen to the masses, that we miss out on the heart and soul of our mission. A huge reminder that purity of heart ALWAYS wins. Beyond likes and the like. What is your why? Move with that. I also loved how she talked about her label bringing up marketing with TikTok but she didn’t give in. This isn’t knocking TikTok and I love how people use different outlets. What I took from her words was being TRUE to you. There is no traffic when you are in your lane. So keep going!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones! I am so thankful for every single like, view, comment, and response via email. Several of you kept me going when I wasn’t sure what I was doing. And when I say capturing destiny TOGETHER. I mean that. It’s not just me BUT WE. Remember during the holidays, it’s okay to unplug as needed, and remember social media and other mediums aren’t everything, but present with those you love is.

All my love,


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  1. “This reminded me of our purpose. And how it’s so easy to get caught up with how our purpose is seen to the masses, that we miss out on the heart and soul of our mission.”

    I was just having a conversation with my husband about this very topic and I’m so glad you mentioned it. There’s power in being who God created you to be and walking out the purpose He’s given you.

  2. I must admit I felt like I lost my Delight last year—Lost job, pandemic hit, death in family and array of other things felt like I found no pleasure in anything for a time. However, I learned that even when you feel you’ve lost Delight you can always get it back. I began to find joy in the ordinary and realized that it had to be more than just a mere feeling. Just to share a few— I delight in my pup, I delight in sharing my interests with my boo, I delight in inviting my girlfriends into my wins/struggles, I delight in my ever growing friendship with the Lord and I delight in being a light in this world.