Emerge Blog Series: Upgrade Your Mindset (Part 2)

Mindset: The established set of attitudes held by someone

If I can be honest, affirmations have always been interesting to me. And to keep it real even simply reciting scripture on “what God thinks about me” always made me uneasy. Why? I know it’s due to my lack of belief in what God could do in me, with me, and through me. 

All the things.

Anytime I read through Proverbs and the Psalms I am stopped in my tracks. And shoot it can make me boo-hoo in an instant. Knowing how vast His love is for me, is for us. And in our mess? In our ugly? I’m used to shouting out loud how good God is when I am painting a beautiful photo. But when I am fumbling my way through – why is it so easy for us to get silent? It reminds me that our mindset is everything. Remember mindset is defined as the established set of attitudes held by someone. Something that Pastor Tony Evans says often and that I’ve held onto is that “we walk out what we believe.” What you believe about yourself shows up in what you allow, receive, and go after. 

As we are nearing the end of the year – it’s always a good thing to evaluate yourself. Examine what is going on within. Examine your mindset. Examine what are you believing? Sometimes the assessment will come in various forms – looking through your bank account, your friend circle, relationships, and interactions. What are they showing you? I ask this because our behavior and patterns are a great way to assess what we believe. 

I’ve provided some questions for you to pause and reflect on:

Step One: You Vs. You:

-How do I view myself?

-What do my connections reveal about myself?

-When it comes to my purchases and how I spent my money – what is it showing me?

-What is the running narrative that I tell myself? (i.e I am not enough, I am enough, I love myself, I’m such a mess). 

Step Two: What He sees:

-When we think about God’s love for us – what scriptures and passages in the Bible can you hold onto? 

-Romans 12:2 is a scripture I think about often (read whole passage for context). When it comes to being transformed by the renewing of your mind – identify what might need renewing. (example – If you don’t like how you look, you might identify that you need God’s help with renewing how you view yourself and embracing how he made you.

Step Three: Onward + Upward: Dear 2021 Letter To Self 

After reflecting on the two categories above, write a letter to yourself. There is no right or wrong to this. In the letter include:

-How you have viewed yourself and what the self-assessment has shown you. While you are writing, be kind to yourself. 

-Include quotes and scriptures on how God views you. 

-Include confirmations from things people you love have complimented you on. 

-Lastly, write about how the right mindset will guide your 2022. How do you want to show up? What patterns do you want to inhabit? 

Step Four: This Is Who I Am

Here is the fun part! After compiling the reflections and letter to self, now let’s make it actionable. Create your very own, this is who I am list. You know like the ones you can copy and download online? But this time it’s personal to you. I think those lists are great and full of great scriptures, but how awesome would it be to create something that speaks directly to you. After you make the list keep it in a place where you can always see it. Whether you write it out or make it cute on CANVA.

This is just a starting point and no pressure to do EVERYTHING on this list. Progress over perfection ladies! And make it your own and let God lead you.

Cheers to getting honest, and upgrading our mindset to walk FULLY in our purpose.

All my love,


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