Dear 2021: Thanks for making a WOMAN of out me.

It’s been hard thinking about what is to come without first honoring where I’ve been. These past few years were a wild ride. While God did some amazing + tangible things. My greatest joy has been the inner/deep work that continues to happen. I hope this letter inspires you and gives you the encouragement to write a Dear 2021 letter as well.

Dear 2021,

When I was sixteen years old, I wrote in my journal, “I am proud of the woman I am becoming.” It makes me laugh because I’ve always been a deep soul. What did I know about womanhood at 16 anyway? I guess I thought I knew something. Little did I know these past few years would make a woman out of me. At the beginning of this year, I signed up for counseling and finished about 7-8 months due to the trauma from 2020. I wanted to ensure nothing was lingering from all the collective pain from last year.

One of the points that we talked about was owning my voice and I began to share things that have been paralyzing me for years. One of the biggest breakthroughs was releasing myself from the expectation of who I think I am “supposed to be.” And people-pleasing. Also, releasing the shackles of trying to live up to the expectations around me. Whether they were actual or just in my head.

Less became more this year. Releasing myself from just being connected to people because of duty. Releasing myself from being connected to things because of fear of what was on the other side of the surrender. I embraced the power of true connections – quality means so much to me. I spent more time sitting with myself this year and identifying who God made me be. That came with disappointing people, saying no, and giving myself grace. It came with making mistakes, fumbling through, and hitting my head. That came with being honest about desires and giving God my ugly. “I’m a mess and deeply loved” penned by BJ Thompson became my mantra this year. I had to sit with my not-so-great parts and feel God’s love over me – despite me.

Who knew from all that sitting and being still, repenting again, and again, and again that God would put new dreams on my heart. He would circle back around to ideas that I forgot, just to show me He’s still here. Through it all. Hand in hand.

I am not the same. I’ve been through, I’ve experienced some really hard things. And many things have been behind the scenes. BUT God. I am grateful for His enduring love. A love and peace that surpasses what I can understand. I’m beyond grateful. And I love FORREAL the woman I am becoming.

I can only hope that 2022 is full of God’s leading, mercy, power, and grace. And that all the newness He has done in my heart, I will boldly follow no matter what anyone thinks or has to say. That the same advice I give is the same advice I take.

Thank you 2021 for making a WHOLE woman out of me.16 year old me COULD NEVAAA (hehe).

Cheers to an amazing 2022,


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  1. So beautiful. There’s a lot of ease that comes when we release ourselves to God and freedom from people’s expectations. Thanks so much for Sharing ❤️💡