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My last blog post was in January, and since then my world has been extremely busy. Coming into this year, I knew that more would be required of me for work and I had anxiety starting off the year. 5 months into the year, not only was I right, but my schedule has been full. In the past few months, I have been on a plane more than I have in years past. How wild is that?

I was trying to do all the things, show up for others, myself and juggle a demanding career until I crashed. I realized that I was trying to maintain my normal activities, even though more was on my plate. My mini-break down led to God revealing much needed truth to my heart and an article that I read back in 2011 via Priscilla Shirer came to remembrance.

“The way we achieve balance, my dear, is to prayerfully consider God’s priorities for us in this current season of life, and then rearrange the boxes accordingly—pushing some of them into the background, bringing others to the front. Into these primary boxes we place the best of ourselves and our effort, while perhaps totally emptying some of the others—at least temporarily—not because they’re of any less overall significance but because they’re not where we need to be allocating the best of our abilities and attention for the time being.”

For anyone who is an empath, sometimes you want to do it all, and be all things to all people. Even if you are worn out and at the end of your rope. Even if you are crying inside. We smile, we love on people, we get it done.

Until we can’t.

I took off my cape and told myself, “You can’t do this anymore.” I had an annual physical not too long ago, and there were things shown on my labs that were a wake-up call. And since then I have been trying to identify ways to decrease stress and free myself from trying to do it all. Which also comes with disappointing others. It’s hard, but I am also learning how to prioritize self, without only considering myself. I’m not getting it right, but I am learning.

I’ve had so many conversations with women who understand the struggle with saying no and having boundaries. I hope that you know you are worthy of rest. You are worthy of the same space that you create for others. You are okay even when you say no. Life will still go on even when you disappoint others because of your boundaries.

In the words of Amanda Lindsey Cook, “Let the heroes rest…let the striving cease.”



Questions to consider:

  1. What is priority for you this season?

  2. What do you need to delegate or give up temporarily?

  3. How can you invite rest into your life?

Power Thoughts:

  1. I am worthy of rest

  2. I will no longer give from an empty cup

  3. I will prioritize self-care

You are worth of rest


You are worth of rest


You are worth of rest 〰️

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