Embrace: A Word for Summer 2022

Embrace – To clasp in arms, to hug. To avail oneself, to welcome. Acceptance.

This month FLEW by.

Being gone almost every week this month had some perks, but the other part of me wasn’t a fan of it. But I am thankful that although I started the month exhausted, I ended it full of gratitude and a new outlook. A huge part of it was being able to sit with my friend’s parents and they poured into my soul. Chile, I even cried in their presence. HAHA. Are yall surprised though?

I had to also give myself grace. I try to carry so much at times, and my heart is to show up for people and love hard and with seasons like this, I haven’t been able to give much. But a sweet little sister of mine gave me the best advice on being able to receive. It’s so hard, but I realized I had so much on my plate, that I was going crazy. It feels good to relax and get some much QT in now that I am back home.

This weekend I had the opportunity to get some home items and whewwww I had a TIME OKAY. Here are some photos of my goodies:

  1. Sweet July & Magnolia Journal – Both of these reads were PERFECT starts to empowering me this summer. I highly recommend it!

  2. I got some Percale Pillowcases from CB2 – Percale has changed my life. Get into it!

  3. Oh West Elm – need I say more?

  4. Stackers Back Pack

  5. I had been eyeing this chinky cotton knit throw from West Elm, but they didn’t have any in the back when I went in. However, there were several on the floor and I was able to purchase for 30 dollars off!

  6. New lamp alert from Home Goods

  7. Cooling Down Pillow Inserts FTW!

  8. Digital Gold Clock through Amazon

The official start day of summer will be before we know it. And I have been taking time to reflect on what I desire this summer to be. The word embrace has come to my heart. And I pray that will be the foundation/theme of my summer. To embrace new experiences. To embrace catching sunsets and sunrises. To embrace new books. To embrace meeting new people. To embrace letting some things go. To embrace my body. To embrace my skin.

The pics below make me smile because in one of the photos I have no make-up on and in the other two I put mascara on. And I loved seeing me more stripped down in regards to my skin. Taking care of my skin this summer is going to be fun and finding ways to embrace a make-up no-makeup look is my goal.

What will you embrace this summer?

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