Capturing Summer: Why Am I Here?

Why am I here?

 I stated that often when I started my first career job back in 2012. I remember having 15 minute work breaks and head to the bathroom to cry because there had to be more to life than a job like this. I just finished my graduate school a month before getting hired and had an exit strategy before I even started. I just knew that I would be doing work in the community. I imagined myself running non-profit programs. Corporate America was never a part of my plan.

I never imagined being in the corporate space for over a decade now. Yet, it’s been a massive factor in my personal development. A large part of my journey was me running from hard things. If I sensed discomfort, I would check out and assume this isn’t for me. And run to the next thing, to the next thing, to the next thing. Until I learned the power of staying.

I’m not proud to admit it, but I had an entitled spirit in my early 20s. And it is easy to think that our mere gifts and talents will open doors without having to put in effort or work. Let’s just say my journey has humbled me. It’s helped me to understand that all gifts need to be developed and processed. Yes, we have the rest of our lives to grow, but there are some things that we must overcome to get to the next level. And mine was recognizing what God had imparted within me. Compliments from others weren’t enough, I had to know it for myself. I also learned that starting “small” or having people doubt you doesn’t stop God from accelerating us or redeeming the time.

Why are we here?

Blessings are meaningless if it is ONLY about us. If it is only about our come-up. I believe that the beauty of our lives not being linear opens our eyes to see other people around us. That we can give a handout and wisdom to someone coming behind us. The things that were hard for us, can be a bridge for someone else. When my former intern became a colleague, it brought tears to my eyes. It was the reminder that what I am doing is so much BIGGER than me.

Something to think about:

·      There are lessons to be learned in our discomfort

·      Running to the next thing isn’t always the BEST thing. Being still is a super-power.

·      Our paths aren’t linear and that is okay.

·      God redeems the time – ENOUGH SAID.

·      Our gifts, skills, and talents are developed over time.

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