July: Reclaiming My Time & Capturing Rest

“A lightbulb moment for me this year was realizing that I can only move forward with my life and work when I drop other people’s expectations of me that I have taken to be my own.”

I remember when I turned 25, I just KNEW who I was. Did I? I respect my mind at that time, but chileeee, I didn’t really. As I am growing, I know that much of life is about uncovering who we are, over, over, and OVER again. I’ve heard that it’s good to reflect and ask your parents who you were as a child before life impacted you. My mom always tells me that I was sweet, sassy, confident, knew what I wanted, driven, and wouldn’t take no for an answer. I think knowing those things about ourselves is important, but it’s not the whole story. We all will evolve and grow. We all will adopt new things that make us who we are. Sons and daughters,  made in His image.

Because it’s my birthday month, I have done so much reflecting. Thinking about how much time has passed and what I want to cultivate in this new year. Embracing rest and reclaiming my time. I want to be in the moment more and enjoy the most beautiful moments offline. Bringing in my birthday this year was my favorite. “Ain’t taking no flicks but the whole click SNAPPED.” Hehe!

Sometimes we are so busy trying to create a moment, that we miss it. And I don’t want to be too caught up with posting and “showing the world” that I miss out on the most special moments. I’m excited about this year. While I know every year will have its challenges – I am open, thankful, ready, and determined. Dropping expectations that aren’t God-sent and embracing me. While laughing and dancing as I go.

To my beautiful readers, I hope the rest of your summer is filled with unspeakable joy and precious moments. I hope you are reminded of how quickly time passes and find ways to reclaim it and live in the moment. I hope you capture rest and find His peace in those still moments. I don’t take any views on my blog for granted. Thanks for reading and I am happy you are here. What are you reclaiming?

Elegance at 36,


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