How To Discover Your Destiny And Fulfill Your Purpose (2023)


Why Am I Here?

If you look online right now, there are billions of searches on finding out what your purpose in life is. There are many searches as well how one can find and fulfill their destiny. Go to any coffee shop in America, and you will overhear conversations on the topic of, “what should I be doing with my life.” Well, maybe that is just me listening way too close, but you get the picture.

Many of us desire to live beyond ourselves. We want our lives to have meaning. We want to leave this world in a better place, but sometimes we struggle with that thing might be. In my experience, sometimes that “thing” is right under our noses!

In order to walk in our purpose, it’s important to get to the root. Let me walk you through some definitions:

Destiny – Outcomes that may happen in the future

Purpose – Something to be attained, an intention

Your destiny is the customized life calling God ordained and equipped you to accomplish in order to bring Him the greatest glory and achieve the maximum expansion of His kingdom.
— Dr. Tony Evans

As a believer, my belief is that purpose starts with God. You can rest with knowing the search to find your purpose is a GOOD THING. He set that desire in your heart. The definitions of destiny and purpose go hand in hand because they are a reminder that purpose is something to be attained and destiny is something that may happen in the future. A large part of walking in purpose is remembering IT IS ACTION. We are not just waiting on the couch hoping that our purpose finds us. There is a role that we play in fulfilling our destinies. Now let’s get into some action steps that will help you determine your purpose.

  1. Who were you as a child?

    • This is a great question to ask your parents, caregivers, and loved ones. Because of the magic we possess as children and our fearlessness (and honesty hehe) reflecting on those traits is helpful. As we get older, we might suppress our true personalities for acceptance.

    • Questions to consider: What was my personality as a child? What did I love to do? What was I always talking about?

  2. What is your struggle?

    • I know this one sounds a bit strange, but let me break it down. Sometimes the area that we once struggled in, will be the area in which we free people.

      Example: I know what it feels like to battle with unworthiness. Because of the struggle one of my passions is to help people understand their worth and how amazing they are. I am really good at drawing out the GOLD in people. Make sense?

  3. What do people tell you often?

    • When something comes naturally to us, it’s easy to overlook those qualities as a gift. But what we are good at can be an indicator of our purpose, dreams, and calling. My recommendation is to take time to reflect on what people tend to come to you for.

      Example: They might come to you for fashion tips, advice, legal insights, and beyond.

  4. What do you love doing?

    • Identifying what your purpose is doesn’t always have to be deep. It can be as easy as exploring what you love doing and what brings you joy.

      Example: When you think about a hobby or something you would do for free – what is it?

Did you know that every human being is created with a purpose and that they have a responsibility to not only discover their purpose but also to fulfill it?
— Zig Ziglar

My thoughts on purpose are that it evolves and changes as we go through life. Sometimes it might be tied to one big thing, and sometimes its many little things. In my life, I have seen purpose in many different circumstances. In my career, I see my destiny and purpose play out in how I engage my clients and co-workers. I aim to cheerlead, empower and inspire. And no matter where I go those will always be my attributes. While you are waiting on the big thing or dream, it’s helpful to find purpose (using your gifts) where you are!


If you are looking for more resources look at the list below for your journey!



Calling – “Customized life purpose which God has ordained for you to accomplish.”

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  1. I really enjoyed this post, broke down ways on how I can discover purpose by my own character traits! Thanks for sharing.