This is my self portrait skills…

Just thought you should know. 😝

Hi There!

My name is Destiny and I am legitimately excited that you are here. Connectedness is one of my Top 5 for Strength-finder’s so that tells you EVERYTHING. Also, I love Jesus but I dance a lot. Beyonce, WHO? 😝

Alright, grab a seat and let’s chat a bit.

10 years ago, I found myself in my first counseling session finally getting to the root of all my flighty emotions. I was chasing what I thought would make me successful, but I felt completely lost about who I was.

This process of getting healthy reminded me that freedom and purpose go hand in hand. Which is why my heart is to champion women to look within and fight the lies holding them back, in order to walk confidently in their purpose. I wholeheartedly believe it all begins and ends with God.

On this page you will find my personal life lessons interwoven with reflective action to move you forward.

I am so glad that you are here and look forward to growing with you.

Capturing Destiny Together.