The Essential Business Trip Packing List for Women

Packing Smart for Business Travel

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Did you know that according to Zippia, 47% of travelers are female business travelers? That’s almost half of all travelers, highlighting the significant presence of women in the business travel sector. And on average, an individual travels about 7 times a year for work-related purposes. With such frequent travel, it’s essential to pack efficiently and effectively.

As someone who travels extensively for business, I understand the need for smart packing and the impact it can have on the overall travel experience. Early on in my travels, I used to bring along numerous unnecessary items, which not only added to the weight of my luggage but also caused unnecessary anxiety and frustration.

Over time, I’ve honed my packing skills and streamlined my essentials, bringing a sense of calm and organization to my business trips. Through trial and error, I’ve curated a selection of travel must-haves and learned valuable tips to make each trip smooth and stress-free.

In the upcoming posts, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite travel essentials as well as a wishlist of items that can elevate your business travel experience. From the best brands for carry-on bags and personal items to the most effective packing cubes and tech bags for electronic devices, I’ll cover everything you need to pack smart. Additionally, I’ll delve into the ideal attire for business travel, including the perfect pair of heels and more.

Stay tuned for practical insights and recommendations to enhance your business travel and make packing for your trips a breeze!

Carry-on Luggage

I’ve heard horror stories from my fellow travelers about how their luggage fell apart at the airport. I also have some funny stories. After having a bag that I thought stood the test of time fall apart in the airport, it led me to be specific about the type of bag that I purchase. Everyone has their personal preference on whether they like hardshell or soft-side luggage. Consumer Reports stated that the majority of U.S. travelers use soft-side bags, but go with your preference as long as it is quality.

My recommendation for a carry-on bag is from the brand Delsey. For my travel bag, I didn’t want too much color, but something classic. You can find Delsey products on Amazon or Macy’s. Macy’s tends to have a better deal! The Chatelet Air fits perfectly overhead and I have never had any problems with it. It also includes a TSA-accepted lock, a 10-year worldwide warranty, a laundry bag, and a shoe bag.

Away Travel Carry-On

If you are looking for a modern aesthetic for your carry-on bags look no further than AWAY Travel. I personally have not purchased it, but have several friends who love this brand. I have been eyeing some of their check-in luggage and it is on my wish list.

The Carry-OnThis particular suitcase has 5-star reviews and there is an option for a USB charger!
360 wheelsTSA Lock combo
Great for 3-5 day trips

Personal Items

If you aren’t into backpacks, a cute duffle bag with lots of room might be your jam. Just throw the purse you will use every day into your carry on and use your duffle as your purse during your flight. For the last several years I have been using Michael Kohrs Mercer Gallery Tote and it is my favorite and it is still in great condition. I found a new travel bag, and I am a new MONOS girl. Have you heard of this brand?

Metro Duffel


This bag is beautiful, and I have been eyeing it for some time. I have the vegan leather option which is stated on the website as ultra-microfibre vegan leather. It has a 15-inch laptop compartment, a lot of space, an opening for your water bottle, and comes with a metro classic kit and zipper pockets inside. Can we say WIN?? I can’t wait to rock this beauty this year. For any purchases you make over 200, you get a 20 percent discount using my code! Here is the link.

Monos Metro Tote

The tote recently released by Monos has generated quite a buzz, and for good reason – it’s a versatile and practical choice. Whether you’re planning a trip or simply need an everyday bag, this tote is a reliable companion. Its impeccable design and durable, sustainable materials make it a standout option for travelers and daily commuters alike. With its attention to detail and commitment to sustainability, Monos has truly hit the mark with this new addition to their lineup.

Bopai Anti-theft Business Backpack

I have been rocking with this one since 2019, and it is such A GREAT backpack. I love how sleek it is and fits well under the seat. I always get compliments on it when I travel and it is truly one of my favorites! I highly recommend it to my fellow backpack enthusiasts. Check it out here. 

Packing Cubes

I did not see the big deal with a packing cube UNTIL I purchased some from Amazon a few years ago. It helps immensely with getting more space in your luggage. Especially if you are trying to squeeze in more clothes for your trip, whether that is a short business trip or those long flights.

The cubes I purchased from Amazon are now out of stock, but I am linking a similar set below!


Makeup bags

I like to keep my makeup separate from my toiletry bag, and the ones that work best are ones that don’t take up much space or are easy to squeeze into your carry-on or personal bag. However, it is nice when you’re able to have two in one. Insert RARE BEAUTY!

Image from Rare Beauty

Rare Beauty has a new makeup bag which I love so far! It is called the Puffy Toiletry bag which is double-layered and you can separate your makeup from your toiletries. The only drawback is the color and can I see if getting dirty easily.

Below I have listed a few other options for makeup bags!


The Essentials

Here you will find a quick business packing list of things that will help you with packing and/or what items to purchase.


  • Laptop
  • Phone charger (bring an extra portable phone charger just in case)
  • Smartwatch (and charger)
  • Laptop sleeve (or small laptop bag)

Travel Outfits

  • Casual attire (bring enough depending on your stay. I love to get a casual top or two from Target).
  • Business attire (Banana Republic Factory is the best) and I usually will bring two bottoms and 3-4 tops for options
  • A pair of shoes that are business and casual

Business Tools

Important documents

  • Travel documents (remember to print boarding pass or download on phone)
  • Business cards (to pass out in business meetings or for networking)

Extra Things:

  • Bring a small bag in case you need to separate your clothes that you need to wash once you get back home (I will pack a plastic bag and stuff into the bottom of my carry-on)
  • Eye Mask
  • First Aid Kit
  • Sanitizing wipes to clean my hotel room

This is not an exhaustive list, but I hope it helps to get you set for your future travels!

XoXo, Des

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