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“She allowed herself to revisit things that were once lost.”

I don’t know about you, but these past few years I felt like I lost a sense of things I really loved. In the same breath, I embraced new things too. The pandemic was life-altering in many ways. New normals were formed. And in the midst of the fire, I was formed too. I allowed myself to embrace newness. A new home, new friendships, new jobs, and a new way of being. However, I find myself craving beautiful things that lit up my soul.

When I was a kid, I was the one who left the library carrying more books than my arms could allow. You could find me cuddled up reading fiction books. The scent of the library is forever etched in my heart. I still get nostalgic whenever I visit a bookstore. Allowing my hands to flip through the pages just because is forever my thing. Books and journals were (they still are) lifelines. Books helped me to imagine a new world and journals made me feel seen. As we get older, sometimes we dismiss our youth and forge ahead to “what adults would do.” Whatever that means. But we can’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. I am still a book nerd, but I want to get back to going to libraries and consistently reading fiction.

A while ago, I remember going on a fun date where we left room for spontaneity and randomly driving around the city. It served as a reminder that not everything has to be planned. That saying YES to unscheduled events are good for the soul. There are treasures unlocked when we open ourselves up to new experiences.

I love social media, but sometimes I don’t. It’s hard when everything seems the same. Everyone is doing the same thing. I don’t mean this in a nit-picky way. I also point the finger at myself too. You know when you come across something authentic (even if it looks similar) because you can feel it. It’s palpable. We are smarter than we give ourselves credit for and we KNOW real. I don’t grimace at someone being awkward or cringe. I actually love it. I love when people are themselves. So often we try and fit into the mold of what’s around us in order to belong. In order to look “cool.” But honestly, WHO CARES. Being cool isn’t paying the bills nor is it allowing you to be creative. Don’t waste time imitating – BLAZE a trail.

Some of my prized memories when it came to reading the Word with others, was back in college. I will never forget how my faith was formed. I miss bible studies without all the theatrics. I miss people just talking about what God is doing in them vs. the next conspiracy theory. I miss just wanting people to get to know Him vs. picking every “sin issue” within someone apart. What happened to being a light? I miss not feeling like you need a platform to talk about Jesus. Beautiful things are STILL happening behind the scenes. Don’t miss it.

In this season, I’m allowing myself to get reacquainted with past loves. Opening my eyes and arms to what I have been missing. Removing the chains of my ego and inviting humility in. I don’t want this next year to be life as I have known it from the pandemic to now. My prayer is that the beautiful things that were formed I will keep, and what isn’t working I will pivot.

Join me as I get reacquainted – I hope it empowers you too.



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